How to dress, “girly” (when you’re not really all that, “girly”)

Here’s a blog post for those of you who are – like myself – stuck in-between loving summer and the weather it brings, but you can’t actually dress for it because your wardrobe is 75% men’s t-shirts. Conveniently, you also hate the idea of wearing a floral, girly and short skirt because you’re not really all that, “girly”.

Nor do you want to wear some denim hot pants because… well, we are no longer in year 7 and we no longer want our bumcheeks hanging out of them. So, where are we left now? Probably wearing denim jeans and a simple crop top, sweating like mad in this heatwave we now call “summer”. Sounds about right to me.

I wanted to find an outfit, which was considered feminine, summery yet not too “girly”. I’m only attracted to bold, colourful and expressive florals for festival-wear, where the clothing is a tad more retro and fun, compared to my day-to-day wardrobe.

An alternative which I found is wearing leopard print; this is still a fun print but in my opinion, it emits less femininity and has more wearability. I particularly like this maxi skirt because the dark red and black also tone down the daintiness of the outfit.

I paired this fit with a plain white, ribbed crop top and my Nike Air Zoom Spiridons (because what would an outfit of mine be without a pair of trainers anyway?)

Thanks for reading,

Emi x

Social Media:

Instagram: @emitalaga

Depop: @etalaga


Lily Craigen

Instagram: @lilycraigenphotography

Outfit details:

Skirt: ASOS

Top: Misguided

Trainers: Nike Air Zoom Spiridon – Offspring

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters



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