ARTWORK FOR MY 2ND YEAR T-SHIRT BRANDING MODULE (2018); a variety of digital abstract illustrations, inspired by turning daily surroundings, scenery and objects into innovative pieces of artwork.

abstract window illustration 2abstract window illustration 4window scene illustration outlineshadow and wicker abstract illustrationsunset and buildingPlant & Wicker abstract illustrationwindow abstract shapes illustration

JOHN LEWIS COMPETITION (2018); a triptych of illustrations; an abstract exploration of my experience in Leeds.

FREE TIME ARTWORK (On-going); a visual collection of my artwork, consisting of – mostly – illustrations, prints and paintings. Mediums include Photoshop/Illustrator, fine-liner, acrylic paint, watercolour paint, oil pastels, inks.

Rahnee Bransby (2018);

Rahnee Bransby

Mika Francis (2018);

Mika Francis Illustration.jpg

Nat Winter (2018):

Nat Winter Illustration.jpg

A painting for my Grandpa, Louis (2018):

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 13.42.49



FullSizeRender 49


FullSizeRender 51

(2017):FullSizeRender 48(2017):

FullSizeRender 50


art 3


art 4


art 5


art 6




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